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Follow Spot

BY-FS005 DMX512 LED Follow Spot 400W (200W,300W,350W optional)

  • DMX512 LED Follow Spot 440W (200W,300W,350W,400W optional)
Total power: 550W
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Voltage: 110V-240V
Light source: ultra-bright 400W LED

Wooden box package size: 1000x350x390mm

Product weight 33KG  Stand:5KG

Flight case packing size; 1140x480x570mm Weight: 58KG
Color: 7 colors plus white light red, yellow, blue, green, peach, heating film, cooling film;
Function: stepless linear electronic focusing; open and close light-strobe speed; aperture size; color change-color change self-propelled; stepless adjustment, fast and slow electronically adjustable.
Channels;  DMX512 5 channels
Beam angle: 8-15 degree

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